Experience the thrill of open-air riding. Times three. With a distinctive three-wheeled stance, Can-Am®Spyder® roadsters look and perform like nothing else on the road. Whether you're headed across town or across the country, you'll feel the rush of the open-road in a whole new way.

Easy To Ride
The unique YÔäó-shaped footprint of the Can-Am Spyder roadster gives it more stability and control, making it easy for just about anyone to ride.

Automotive-Inspire D Technology
From anti-lock brakes to stability control and an optional semi-automatic transmission, much of the technology in Can-Am Spyder roadsters is inspired by automotive technologies. But that's where the similarities stop.

A Growing Community
Thousands of people have already discovered the thrill of riding on three wheels. Join the growing community of Can-Am Spyder roadster owners for an experience that's as unique as the ride itself. Visit brp.com to learn more.

Getting Your Licence
In many countries, you can use a Can-Am Spyder roadster to pass a road test and get your licence easily. Visit brp.com to learn how accessible getting your licence can be.

From a Trusted Name
For over 70 years, BRP has been a trusted name in powersports, offering cutting-edge design and technology with brands like Ski-Doo® and Lynx® snowmobiles, Sea-Doo® watercraft and boats, Evinrude® outboard engines, Rotax® engines and Can-Am® ATVs and side-byside vehicles.


Whatever your riding style, from sport to touring to somewhere in between, there's a Can-Am Spyder roadster for you.

Spyder RT roadster
The ultimate in comfortable, open-air riding. With plenty of amenities and a Vehicle Stability System, this is the ideal touring roadster. Forward lean: 0┬║ Knee angle: 98┬║

Spyder ST roadster
For those who want the perfect combination of performance and comfort, power and style. A roadster that is sport-inspired and touring ready. Forward lean: 4┬║ Knee angle: 93┬║

Spyder RS roadster
A performance-driven roadster built for truly embracing the open-road. With a sport-ergonomic position for exceptional acceleration and cornering. Forward lean: 12┬║ Knee angle: 78┬║